Repairing a Chipped Sidewalk -A Closer Look

A chipped or cracked Sidewalk can make walking or cycling on it dangerous. If you can see a crack on the surface, the crack may have grown because of something getting into the crack. In some cases, the root system of a tree is to blame for the problem, and the sidewalk is not only uneven but it can also be lifted. Therefore, it’s necessary to repair a chipped or cracked Sidewalk as quickly as possible. Otherwise, the sidewalk could get weakened from water pooling.

However, the cost of fixing a chipped sidewalk varies greatly, and it’s important to shop around for the best price. If the sidewalk is four by 50 feet, then the repair could cost between $1,000 and $3,000, while a large job may cost more. While sidewalk repair may seem like a DIY project, you should consider getting a professional to complete the job. Here are a few steps to follow to avoid further damage to your Sidewalk. You can get additional information at Native Sidewalk Repair

Set up a safety barrier before beginning the repair process. If the cracks are deep enough to penetrate the sub-base of the concrete slab, then total replacement is necessary. However, new concrete can last for decades with proper care. To complete this task, contractors need to obtain permits and determine if the sidewalk covers any underground utilities. They must also use special equipment to remove the damaged concrete and recycle the remaining materials. This process can be a lengthy process, and should be left to a professional.

A skilled concrete contractor can offer you a variety of options for repairing a chipped Sidewalk. For small cracks, patching concrete can be applied using vinyl or Portland cement. However, this will only fix the problem temporarily. You may also want to seal the area so as to reduce moisture incursion. But, if you don’t have the funds to hire a professional, you can consider a temporary solution. Besides, a patched Sidewalk will likely look different from the rest of the concrete.

A newer method of fixing a chipped sidewalk involves the use of polyurethane foam injections. The plastic gel helps the new concrete bond to the old concrete. This solution won’t require digging up the slab and rearrange the soil underneath. It will lift a sunken concrete and restore it to its original position. Concrete lifting providers can help you fix a chipped Sidewalk and avoid more expensive repairs in the future.

A smaller crack that is less than a quarter-inch wide can be repaired without replacing the entire sidewalk. The crack should be filled with a flexible sealant that prevents water from running through it. Remember that applying too much will cause the soil to shift. This video by Quikrete shows how to apply the flexible sealant. It’s made of polymers that form a solid bond with the existing concrete.